Our Mission

Heart Space is dedicated to building a tribe of self-empowered and connected yogis through adventure seeking retreats, creative yoga workshops and transformational events. Our mission is to create a global community of hearts united by providing the space and resources for passionate practitioners to connecttransform, and serve.

Heart Space was first created in 2012 as a way to bring students together outside the space of the studio and into the space of connection; to themselves and to others through adventure seeking retreats and transformational events. Created by Lauren Autenrieth, RYT500; when she's not teaching yoga, traveling the world on one of her epic retreats or hosting the next Yoga Pool Party you can find her snuggled up on her couch with a book and her favorite late night snack, peanut butter. 

Lauren has made the exploration of the heart her personal mission; on retreats you can expect daily yoga and meditation classes, local and healthy meals, and full days of rich culture, adventure and raw connection. 

See the world through the eyes of your Heart Space.