Bali Spirit Retreat

Spring 2020


April 8-15, 2020 - Early bird now thru Sept 1st


• 7 days/ 6 nights stay at epic Bali retreat center with option for private/shared room

•Daily yoga and meditation classes with Lauren

• Daily breakfast provided and onsite cafe for snacks/lunch/dinner

• 500 meter pool, sauna & yoga studio

• Day trip to sacred temple (Temple TBD)

• Day trip to epic waterfall

•Optional Bali Swing excursion

• Optional scooter rental (approx. $3/day or $25/week)

• Onsite spa services available



Island of the Gods

Where to fly: Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, commonly known as Denpasar Airport. Airport code: DPS

Fun Facts:

  • Bali, Indonesia  is one of more than 7,000 Islands in Indonesia

  • Bali is 8,692 miles from San Diego (whoa!)

  • Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. A large metropolis known for its array of international cuisine.

  • Ubud (where we are going) is the heart center of Bali, known for its deep roots in Hinduism and for its spiritual community.

  • Mount Agung is an active volcano on the island of Bali, it has erupted as recently as 2019

  • Bali has just about the same climate year round with only 2 distinct seasons; rainy season and dry season

  • Suk Suma (Soo-k soo-ma) is the Bahasa (Balinese)  way to say thank you.


Prepare for your trip

There are quite a few tips and tricks for being a Bali pro, I've listed the most important of them here:

  1. Dress light-  The climate in Bali is hot & humid with frequent rainstorms. Bali has 2 seasons, rainy season (October-April) and dry season (May-August).

  2. Bring $100 rather than $20s- Bring $100 bills, you'll get a better exchange rate! Rupiah is the currency of Indonesia and you'll get about 13,000 IDR per $1 (based on the current exchange rate). I recommend about $300-$500 for spending money depending on your daily budget. Most places only take cash around Ubud, especially anything locally owned so its always a good idea to have cash on hand for the early morning flower market or a fresh coconut. Indonesia is extremely affordable and a lunch with a juice, entree and dessert will cost around $12 on average (100k-150k IDR). We will go over money more on the first night so don't stress too much about this.

  3. Pack light-  Yoga clothes, shorts, tanks & tees, bathing suit, and 1 long sleeve. You will most likely want to buy stuff when you arrive so don’t over do it.

  4. Be open to change & challenge-. Indonesia is a developing country so it is my hope to  encourage you, my fellow travelers, to leave your need for control at home. After all, you're on vacation and things never go as planned, especially in developing countries and places where timeliness and schedules aren't really held in high regard. Take it easy and go with the flow.

  5. Kebaya is the customary dress worn by Balinese women. It is beautiful and colorful, typically styled with a v-necked blouse of silk or lace, a sarong skirt and finished with a sash tied at the waist. The styles can vary and I've provided some examples to the right to give you an idea. I recommend finding a shirt ahead of time and purchasing a sarong and sash at the local market. The fabrics are beautiful and make for a great souvenir. This will be required for entering the temple. If you opt to wear a tank top that is fine but you must cover your shoulders with a shall.

  6. Transport to and from Denpasar: You are welcome to arrive early or stay longer however these are the only days we will offer paid transport to Denpasar Airport. If you do come early or stay after, Airbnb's and villa are about $30-$45 USD/night. I have a PDF packet with recommendations for places to stay and things to do that we won't do on the retreat.


Initial deposit is non-refundable. Remaining balance refundable if cancellation is 90 days prior to retreat start date. Partial refund after 60 days. Individual excursions are non-refundable in the event that you opt out or choose to explore on your own.



Luxurious stay at one of Ubud's elite retreat centers, daily meals, yoga & meditation classes with journaling prompts throughout the week, epic excursions to waterfall and temples. A once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in simple living on the Island of the Gods.

The only way to get around. Scoot, scoot.

Leke Leke Waterfall, living our best lives.

Leke Leke Waterfall, living our best lives.

Feel free to Monkey around.

Leke Leke waterfall.

Sacred space.

Traditional Kebaya, lace top, sarong and sash.

Traditional Kebaya, lace top, sarong and sash.