Every time someone asks me about Bali I tell them it was life-changing. I no longer have negative self talk and that has allowed me to stick to my diet and exercise plan and it has not even been a challenge. I am a changed woman because of you, thank you!
— Amber Diskin, Essential Oil Educator
It felt like a dream walking into the gorgeous Lafayette Hotel for the yoga pool party surrounded by yogis connecting through yoga, good vibes and sunshine! I was ecstatic to donate the piece of art I live painted at the event to a good cause. I felt the love from Lauren and can’t wait for the next one!
— Ariel Lowell, artist & yoga teacher

I attended Lauren’s backbending workshop and appreciated her knowledge and focus on alignment. Her cues are easy to follow and she really empowers you as you move through the practice of heart opening.”
— Kristian Green, San Diego
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— Claire C.