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Early bird tickets on sale thru June 7th!

Our epic annual event hosted at the iconic, Hollywood inspired Lafayette Hotel Swim Club & Bungalows is getting so close. This one day yoga festival features locally renowned teachers offering a mirage of classes. With 9 classes to choose from you’ll pick 3 and create the adventure filled or restorative day you’ve been searching for.

This year’s classes include Goddess Flow with live music (vinyasa), Dance Flow Yoga, Partner Yoga, Inversions and Arm Balances, Meditation and Reiki, Sound Bath, SUP yoga in the pool and so much more. In addition, our resident DJ Teal Ideal will be bumping beats by the pool, so get your dance-y pants on (or just your bikini) and get ready for THE yoga event of the summer! Early bird tickets highly recommended as we tend to sell out. 

Class descriptions:

Goddess Flow with Live Music, Lauren Autenrieth & DJ Tealideal - Inspired by the Goddess in all of us and accompanied by the creative sounds of TealIdeal we will move and flow with the intention of creative movement. Followed by a dance party led by some of the world’s most epic goddesses like Sri Beyonce, Lady Gaga, & Madame Rhianna. Group connection + dance party= the ultimate Goddess Flow!

Dance Flow Yoga, Heather Stants- Dance Flow Yoga is a seamless blend of vinyasa flow yoga and dance that focuses on expansive movement, breath, fluidity, and the space between the shapes. Students will work mat-free as they move around the room in this strong and active practice.

Partner Yoga, Fallon Lev & John Beck- Looking for some unique partner play? Join Fallon & John for partner yoga! Explore a deeper connection to your partner (friend, significant other or stranger) through yoga, therapeutic acro and partner massage, with both participantsngiving and receiving.

SUP Yoga & activities, Dana Mitchell- When there is balance, there is happiness. Finding balance in life is what everyone strives for; especially doing more outdoor activities since so much of our time is spent inside. Balance is the goal across the board (pun intended!). SunChaser SUP, will help you practice balance literally with your bodies on the water with synchronized breath. Learn how to center yourselves mentally and emotionally. They invite you to join them on the journey toward balance and happiness through floating fitness. 2 chances to catch this amazing class (space limited to 16 per class).

Meditation & Reiki Experience, Carly Wright- Description: Do it for your long-term healthy heart, body & earth. In solidarity with the Live Blissed mission for sustainability & our passion for movement, we will take you through a flow fusing dynamic stretching, High-Intensity-Interval-Training and Yoga. #MovementFusion

Sound Bath, Chelcy Pine- The art of using Sound Bowls and instruments to provide deep healing for the brain and body can open energetic space when experiencing a sound bath. The sound waves help to achieve a deeper, more connected brain wave state and gather clarity or a blissful peace of mind. The most amazing part: all you have to bring is your willingness to listen.

What’s included:

-Full day pass to the Heart Space Yoga Pool Party

-Your choice of 3 of 9 classes/experiences throughout the day (first come/first served, get your ticket & sign up ASAP)

-Music curated by DJ Tealideal

-Pool games & epic prizes

-Donation based: Braid bar, essential oils DIY ($10), reiki, meditation & massage!

-Poolside food & cocktail service from Hope 46 Restauant & Bar (onsite)

-First 100purchasers get a tote bag courtesy of Pi Yoga Pants

Class descriptions:

Movement Fusion, Sucha Kumar & Savannah Lyons-Do it for your long-term healthy heart, body & earth. In solidarity with the Live Blissed mission for sustainability & our passion for movement, we will take you through a flow fusing dynamic stretching, High-Intensity-Interval-Training and Yoga. #MovementFusion

Arm balances & inversions, Marissa Hentzschel,- Join Marissa for a 60 minute mini version of her signature workshop series “Flight School”. This class will start with a quick warm up flow, wrist stretches and core exercises. Marissa will then go over some basics for going upside down and arm balancing. We will go over crow, headstand and forearm stand with options for modifications or more challenging transitions. This mini workshop is for everyone from beginners all the way to inversion masters!

Pool hair, don’t care! See you July 21st!



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Our Team


Lauren Autenrieth, E-RYT200/RYT500 is the creative curator, head yoga nerd and founder of the San Diego based yoga and events company Heart Space and the creator of the Yoga Pool Party, San Diego's premier summer yoga event. Lauren certified in Hatha Yoga in 2008 in New York, completed her 200 hour Vinyasa training in 2013, and holds a 300 hour certification from San Diego's Integrative Om RYS, 2014. She has studied various styles of yoga and healing including Iyengar with Arturo Galvez and Daniela Kent, yoga therapy with Alison Scola, Thai massage, Yin Yoga, pre and post-natal with Sheri Colisimo, kids y oga as well as yoga for special populations. Over the last decade she has come to believe that yoga offers simplicity in its ancient wisdom; if we as human beings are able to practice and live with mindfulness, seemingly small acts can make a big difference. Lauren's classes range from fluid and dynamic Vinyasa to a gentle and healing Hatha practice. Lauren wants nothing more than to make human connections and backbend around the world but also enjoys evenings home, snuggled up with a good book and some peanut butter. Follow Lauren and Heart Space on social media to keep up with the latest events and retreats.

You can catch Lauren teaching all around San Diego and can drop in to her next class by clicking here to see her full schedule.

Heart Space is dedicated to building a collective tribe of self-empowered and love filled yogis  through inspirational gatherings and retreats. Our mission is to provide the space and resources for students to connect and transform within so they can inspire a global community of hearts united.

IG: @helloheartspace


Meet DJ Tealideal. The goddess of grooves also adds yoga teacher, audio engineer, event curator and founder of Serenity and Sound Waves to her epic resume. With a love for engaging her community through music and creating her own unique events San Diego’s up and this badass ÷boss babe adds her flavorful rhythms to the summer’s best yoga event, the Yoga Pool Party. You can find out more about Teal and Serenity and Soundwaves below.




Sucha Kumar; “I'm really proud to say that as I grow up, I'm becoming more and more like my mommy. She was my first yoga teacher who would always teach me and take me to class from age 5. She was also my #1 supporter of my dance practice, a training practice that I spent a lot of time on through college.

From high school onward, I got really curious about different training practices, especially weight-lifting, functional movement, and HIIT. My love and curiosity for practicing all movement in synchronization began to grow, which led me to create #MovementFusion experiences in collaboration with other amazing leaders in the community.

I want more people to experience the benefits, the training and the FUN of incorporating multiple types of training in their daily/weekly routines. I'm also a huge supporter of living more plant-based and encouraging environmental sustainability. Do it for your long-term healthy heart, body & earth <3

Movement has always been my passion, I’m from a family of athletes and grew up outside. Very early on, I began to train what I now know as HIIT and Yoga to prepare to go on backpacking trips. Another big aspect that was introduced to me during that time was living altruistically. That guided me into working with people, which started as a Recovery Coach. In that role over time I began to use the tools that worked best for me, which bring us back to movement.  

After witnessing their liberation and having been set free to my own truth I began to follow my bliss. Beginning with Yoga, guiding me into dance then to boxing, HIIT, Animal Flow and most recently Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. This is why I’m so drawn to the #MovementFusion that Sucha has cultivated a platform for with its joyful holistic approach. 

My intention is to give back all the miraculous tools that have been so graciously given to me. For people to come experience what it’s like to use these tools and walk away empowered because now these tools are theirs. To do it for a cause that supports internal and external sustainability and abundance. And last but not least to follow your bliss. 

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Dana Mitchell grew up on the Jersey Shore but her quest for adventure sent her traveling cross country. When she landed in San Diego, she decided to stay put. Although she had practiced yoga on and off for several years Dana’s practiced really took hold when she discovered the grounding feeling her practice provided as it helped her settle into her new surroundings. Dana completed her 200 hour certification with CorePower Yoga in 2011 under the guidance of Melissa Hernandez. Dana also combined her love of yoga with her love of the water, and became a certified SUP yoga instructor. After leading over 35 teacher trainings and dozens of workshop she decided to start her own Stand up Paddle Board (SUP) company and SunChaser SUP was founded out of the passion for the water and the love of yoga. Dana is a vinyasa teacher, but also enjoys the practice of slowing things down. Yin is a class Dana participates in weekly, she is also a level 2 Reiki healer. Dana is a sun chasing, water loving, salt water yogi who believes variety is the spice of life!

SunChaser SUP is a stand up paddleboard yoga company located in the heart of San Diego. SunChaser SUP was started out of the pure passion of the water and love of yoga. They blend the movement of the body and breath with the flow of nature. They offer daily SUP yoga and fitness classes on the water, with two San Diego locations. SunChaser SUP thrives on creating an experience our students will treasure. No experience needed. Grab a friend and come chase the sun.

IG @sunchasersup 

FB: SunChaser SUP 

Fallon Lev has been teaching yoga full time in Sunny San Diego for the past six years. She’s best known for her awesome playlists, and “massage-like” hands on adjustments. Fallon Co-leads 200 hour Teacher Trainings at both Indie Yoga and Yoga Six. You can catch her teaching publicly Monday through Friday at Indie Yoga, Yoga Six and Trilogy Sanctuary.

Fallon also trains at the San Diego Circus Center under Coach, Jean-Luc Martin, with her Acro partner, Jordo the Great. Together, Fallon and Jordan have been both teaching and performing Acro for the past three years. You can often times catch her at one of the local OB “jams” just outside of Wonderland by the beach. Fallon is a full time human being/yoga teacher/dog lover/Acro yogi happily spreading her love for life with the Acro/Yoga community in San Diego. 

Namastay for a good time :) 

Follow Fallon on social media, and join her for an adventure of a lifetime on her next yoga retreat!

IG: @fallonlev

Facebook: Fallon Nicole Sharon Lev


Heather Stants is a dancer and mover. Since 1999 she has taught dance in San Diego and has toured the world extensively performing and teaching intensives, workshops, and retreats. Dealing with injury and the wear and tear on her dancer’s body led her to pilates and yoga as means of cross training and healing. In 2009 she completed yoga teacher training with Dana Rae Paré. Heather’s teaching style draws upon her dance performance, choreography, and teaching experience. She creates fluid energizing sequences with a strong focus on breath, core, and alignment that offer the right balance between challenge and rejuvenation. She is the creator of Dance Flow Yoga, a seamless blend of vinyasa flow yoga and dance that focuses on expansive movement, breath, and smooth transitions. Currently Heather continues to choreograph and tour in the dance world, teaches weekly classes, and works with private clients.



Carly Mahon is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Mental Health Advocate who helps women release the shame and stigma of anxiety and regain control over their bodies using reiki healing and mindfulness tools. Carly creates truly unique healing sessions to help you feel nurtured, pampered and at peace.

Catch Carly in the healing tent offering donation based reiki and energy healing.




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Chelcy Pine is a local San Diego Kundalini Yoga and Breathwork Facilitator. She has been practicing and teaching these methods of meditation combined with Sound Healing for five years and has found them to be the most powerful and potent technologies in helping to break through physical barriers, emotional blocks and even reprogramming the way we relate to our own minds and higher consciousness. In her own experience, she has found Sound Healing through Crystal Singing bowls to be a profound tool in meditation, specifically for those practitioners looking to deepen their meditative practice but may find stillness and silence to be a challenge. Chelcy has true passion and firm belief in the power of the Sound Healing that she provides. 
Find or reach Chelcy Pine:

Facebook: Chelcy Pine
Instagram: @chelcypine

A world premier visionary-inspirational vocalist, musician, and songwriter, Kiyoshi Shelton has a deep passion for empowering humanity.  He and his band engage audiences worldwide with a highly interactive and authentic stage performance, getting the crowd dancing and moving like no other. 

Born in Saginaw, Michigan, Kiyoshi received his first introduction to the world of harmony & sound healing from his music teacher father.  Blending styles from his Pacific Island and African American lineage, he built his reputation as one of Metro Detroit's most creative and talented artists when he relocated to Ann Arbor.  Talent shows, poetry slams, open mics, and the underground hiphop scenes in the Midwest nurtured his ability to command an audience on demand. Kiyoshi currently resides in Southern California, where he performs, curates/MC's events, rap coaches, and teaches yoga in his free time.  He's performed and collaborated with a plethora of talented musicians and producers including the Beats Antique Orchestra, The Polish Ambassador, Luminaries Crew, and many more. Kiyoshi has been featured on countless media outlets including Fox, MTV, VH1, NBC, URB, and opened up for notable acts such as Zap Mamma, Aloe Blacc, Xavier Rudd, Mayer Hawthorne, Everlast, and Slum Village.  He was recently featured on the "Ready to Live" Health & Wellness mixtape executive produced by Stic of the legendary hiphop duo Dead Prez amongst other rap heavyweights including Nas, KRS-One, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Styles P, and others repping a healthy lifestyle through hip hop culture.

Together with his world-class live band (Damion Willis: drum set, Jamie Shadowlight: violin, Krista Richards: vocals, OpenOptics: turntables), Kiyoshi fuses upbeat hiphop/soulful sounds with world musical vibrations.  Today, with many years of creating rhythms and rhymes, they tour internationally to perform at socially conscious events, festivals, and venues, bringing soul and swagger to the masses.




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